Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rodarte Video Ad

SOLILOQUY 88 from JASON LAST on Vimeo.

Recently I am very into fashion film ads. I didnt like Rodarte sisters previous video ad campaign but this one I love so much better imagery and soundtrack is great. Its called SOLILOQUY 88, I really had no idea what that means so I looked it up apparently it is a Radium, a white radioactive metal with the atomic number 88, if it is exposed to oxygen it turns black. I think only Rodarte sisters with their truly unique collection can come up with such a name to relate to their collection. Doesnt this prove that inspiration for fashion is everywhere?


  1. love it
    you should have a look at the View On fashion Film festival to see more videos

  2. Dear Nino
    I read all the comments directly as they come to my Blackberry. And I want you tocheck the ASVOFF videos and let me know which is your favorite .

    you can find some others in youtube always searching with ASVOFF name.

    Thank you for the cheering that you gave me on the shoes. I really needed some support on that expenditure. I'm so glad we are Blogger friends.

    Have a nice evening

  3. I love this video, Rodarte is one of my favorite lines :)