Sunday, February 6, 2011


OMG! I am in love with those sunglasses! To die for!

Beautiful pic!

Love the shoes and the dress! She looks gorgeous!

Colorful mini skirt with gray basic top=I like!

vie: Electrify La Vida


  1. looooved the photos, great inspiration! and the red skirt is awesome :) xx

  2. Nino... wait the Spring comes soon!
    but sorry you`re Dubai!
    nice pics
    kisses from Chile

  3. Hey lady! We like this post ;)

    -Electrify La Vida

  4. i just think about lace on round glasess... hmmm coll blog of course follow...

    visit mine, follow and drop some comments...
    good to see you upadste posts

    Love from Indonesia

  5. To - Maria: Thank you Maria, loved your blog as well and it will be my pleasure to follow you.

    - Iubrie: i think in dubai we have 2 seasons only: 6 month summer / 6 month autumn. now autumn so will wait for summer :)and cant thank you enough for your sweet comments as always.

    - Electrify La Vida: Big thanks to your blog, my new fav place for inspiration :)

    - HS: thank you, I will for sure :)