Wednesday, May 11, 2011

L’Amour Fou...............

I cannot describe how excited i am about L’Amour Fou, documentary dedicated to the life and art collection of Yves Saint Laurent. Must watch the trailer:

I really like what Pierre Thoretton,the director,said about YSL "we all have certain assumptions of people who succeed in business -- that they are strong, callous, violent event. But Yves Saint Laurent was none of those things. He was fragile and shy and his success proves that this idea that you must be a callous individual in order to get ahead is just “silliness.”

"The film is structured around the sale of Yves Saint Laurent’s massive art collection. But in reality, it’s about so much more. Through a variety of interviews with people who had been close to Yves Saint Laurent, primarily his long-time life and business partner, Pierre Bergé, we learn about the man behind the icon. The film is about life and love with all its ups and downs, about growing up and growing older, about losing someone we love, about savoring the time spent together and making sense of it all."

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