Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DIY lace dress

DIY Lace dress: my own creation :)
Watch: Chanel
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Bracelets: Armani for men


  1. Pretty dress! how did you make it? awesome...

  2. Hi Naomi, thank you for your comment and to answer your question you will be surprised how easy it is to make this dress. The key is the material as in lace which is dramatic enough so the design of the dress is very simple to the extent that anybody can make it at home: two pieces of lace approximately your own height sewn together from the sides and top, all you need is to leave enough space for arms and neck...
    I hope I answered your question :)

  3. Hi Nino! thank you for answering my question. I appreciate that.
    Love your blog! :)

  4. Beautiful Dress!



  5. Dear your dress is a dream but your feet are a heaven. Many girls are only sexy face but a woman with beauty hands and excelent feet is a queen! I live in Argentina, Buenos Aires and i work here like a fashion writer for many virtual magazines and when i can i work too like a personal shopper here. Only speak in spanish or portuguese because my english is bad. I´m a mom full time and i havent got a lot of time! 2 kids is to much work 4 me, believe me!
    I love your blog because is simple but has got glamour and charme and good style and with good style be born.
    In my life i have got many dreamers. One dream travel to Dubai, Arabia Saudi & Egypt because i think all is magic there... the sun is gold, the people special, all is the perfect pic!
    well... i know speak to much!

    kisses from Buenos Aires, Argentina


    ps. I follow u now. And in my blog you has got the Award. Image Beauty Award 2011 copy and paste your Award in your blog!

    Bye and have a great week!