Tuesday, January 3, 2012

(Video) Tom Ford: Inside the Creative Mind of a Visionary

Finding this documentary about Tom Ford's life and his work ethic was the best New Year present for me ... it became an inspiration of the year for me... below is my favorite quote from the documentary...


"...Style for me, is something completely different. You can be, what we would consider in our culture, unattractive, and have great style. You can have no money and have great style. You can have a lot of money and have great style. More often, you can have a lot of money and have terrible style and you just plaster yourself in what you’re supposed to be wearing and you’ve lost yourself. Style for me is someone who figures out who they are, what works on them, what they feel good in, and develops that, develops their character, and the outer expression of their character is style.” - Tom Ford.

Style Forum Special from Music Guy on Vimeo.

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