Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Millicent Rogers

Standard Oil heiress Millicent Rogers was "a woman who didn't just consume style, but created it." She often graced the pages of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, topping international Best Dressed Lists and above all else, she was determined to be an original by designing and wearing Native American-inspired jewelry. Very Bohemmian!
In 1947, she made a bold move, quite literally. She packed up her things and moved to Taos, Mexico. In addition to her Balmains, Balenciagas and Verduras, Millicent added Southwestern jewelry, Navajo weavings, and Native American pottery and artifacts to her collection. Later her son Paul created the Millicent Rogers Museum as a legacy to his mother to house the vast collection she collected over the years. When she died the entire Pueblo community (Native American) turned out and entered for the first time a white man's cathedral to pay their respects to a woman who had understood, appreciated and helped them.While she was a legend in the fashion industry, she was a compassionate and tireless humanitarian as well. She assembled influential friends with the purpose of addressing the rights and cultural value of Native Americans.

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