Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vogue UK December 2009 - “The Seven Wonders of Fashion”

Styled by fashion editor Kate Phelan, photographed by Josh Olins.
1. The Tuxedo - A masterpiece in exquisite minimalism, boy meets girl in the most stylish of sihoutes.
2. The Hat - Timeless and mysterious, this piece will always turn heads.
3. The Ballgown - The stuff od dreams and fairy tales. Revel in the romance.
4. The Corset - In fashion's fickle world, this most womanly wonderholds fast
5. The Earring - Magnificent, opulent, massive - the last word in exotic glamour.
6. The Pencil Skirt - The most democratic fashion staple, its elegant and chic, feminine and sleek.
7. The High Heel - Sculptural sophistication and sex appeal combined.

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