Monday, April 5, 2010

Taylor Tomasi Hill's Interview

Inside Style Star Taylor Tomasi Hill's Chic NYC Pad

By: Connie Wang & Piera Gelardi | Photos by: Kava Gorna

A flash of red, the jangle of bracelets, and a flurry of blinding camera flashes later, and you've just experienced another run-in with Taylor Tomasi Hill. The Marie Claire editor is creating a mini sensation in the blogosphere, and her street style snaps single-handedly made Gap puffer vests and delicate lace skirts the must-have items last season. Of course, we were more than psyched when Taylor opened the doors to her West Village apartment so we could gush over her equally chic pad filled with covetable goodies—fashion-related and otherwise. Read our Q&A and have a peek at our gorgeous pics below, which might reveal some secrets to looking like a bona-fide fashion goddess.

Describe your style:
"I'm kind of a clothing chameleon. My style is something that's always evolving."

What are your five key wardrobe pieces, things you wear constantly?
1. "Burberry trench coats, a great classic staple for fall or spring."
2. "Madewell destroyed boyfriend jeans, I dress them up with my YSL heels for the office, or down with sneakers for traveling."
3. "Punkrose leopard print sneakers, my go-to for days when my feet can't take anything over .5 inches."
4. "Chanel bag, I just got a large 2.55 after years of lusting after it. This one is the perfect carryall. My other tiny Chanel bags were always exploding with all the stuff I would try to pack in them."
5. "My Rick Owens leather jacket, I can mix it with anything for an edgier effect. They are so expensive, but I stay on their radar and email list to make sure I'm always there for the sales."

Do you find anyone particularly inspiring, living or dead, from a fashion/style perspective?
"Sarah Rutson. She has an incredible taste level and innate way of putting herself together. She is always the perfect blend of chic and cool and I love the effortlessness of her look."

Do you have any particular dressing philosophies or strategies?
"I try to stay true to myself as much as possible. I love to mix and match pieces from stores like J.Crew and Topshop with my runway favorites like Proenza Schouler, Ann Demeulemeester, and Phillip Lim. Also being comfortable is a huge part of getting dressed, because I spend a ton of time running around the city from appointments, to meetings, and in and out of the office. Anything too tight, short, or high just doesn't work with my lifestyle. I also feel like I have to be practical. I go to Fashion Week in every city and packing for a 27-day marathon can be pretty challenging. Basics save my life!"

Your hair is such a signature so we have to ask, where do you get it done?
"My salon is my best kept secret!! I have to protect it. It's uptown on the east side, so I never see any other editors there, but they are the best at getting my color just right. It's so hard to maintain red hair, so I can't trust just anyone."

What wouldn't you be caught dead wearing?
"I am really un-fussy. I don't think I could ever wear a full look. Low-heeled old-lady pumps haunt my nightmares."

What's on your spring wish list accessories wise?
"I love the studded booties that Christian Louboutin did for Phillip Lim. I still haven't been able to get my hands on those! Givenchy also did an amazing shagreen bag that I can't get enough of. Also, one of my favorite New York shoe brands Zigi did some great leopard print high-tops."

What's your favorite mass store?
"Zara. Some of my favorite things in my closet have come from Zara. Their price point is unbeatable, and they have a great way of interpreting trends that's a good medium between taste and quality."

Tell us about your home...any funny anecdotes?
"I've been living in my West Village apartment for the past seven years. It's cozy, but I sometimes feel bad for my husband. My clothing takes up the entire closet and any other spare area in the house. During Fashion Week, our little area that we call the garage in our kitchen, is a makeshift dressing room. The only place I don't keep clothes or shoes is in the fridge."

What are your favorite places to hang in your hood?
1. "Doma for morning coffee."
2. "La Carbonara for take-out after late nights at the office."
3. "Tom Binns' store for browsing and inspiration."
4. "Geminola for feminine vintage finds."
5. "Wilfie and Nell to feed my shepherd's pie addiction and for a few beers with friends or my husband."

What song best describes your personal style?
"'You Shook Me All Night Long' by AC/DC."

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